A New Lens and A New Theme

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, longer than I would like. Longer than I said I would be. I realized my blogging goal (to blog like I did before) was not very realistic, so I am making a new goal: one post a week. I think I can manage that, gotta start somewhere.

Here’s what new with me. My camera gear got a new addition, a portrait lens, and in a nutshell I love it. I got it for portraits, but turns out it takes pretty good marco shots, food shots, low light shots and even action shots (my crazy dog climbing a tree for example). I also updated the blog’s theme to one I felt was better for showcasing photos, since that’s mostly what I do here anyway.

That’s about it. Now, to the photos…

Here are some the new lens got me. Completely unaltered. No filters.


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