April is Daffodil Month – An Opportunity to Really Help Those Fighting Cancer

The no-makeup selfie trend “for cancer awareness” that sprung up not long ago is driving me crazy. People don’t even know how it started, but yet everyone on varius social media jumped on the bandwagon, I’m sure you’ve all seen it. Women everywhere showing their makeup free faces, being “brave” and “supporting cancer awareness”. Most of them didn’t even bother to post a link to a donation page, let alone donate, thinking that a mere picture of their face (make-up free! because that’s so important) posted on Facebook will magically benefit cancer research and awareness.

Seriously, who isn’t aware of cancer?


This blog is not a usually venue for my rants, but this is personal for me, I lost my mom to ovarian cancer and my cousin has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer (which she is fighting bravely! True bravery!), and this is why the whole thing infuriates me so much. I wish all of the valid fundraising campaigns out there would get even half the buzz this trend got. I wish every person that posted their selfie would have donated a dollar instead of posting that selfie.

There are SO many things people can do to better support those fighting cancer, all of which will help more than their vanity:

1. Donate
2. Post a donate link, if you can’t afford donating
3. Educate yourself and your family about cancer and prevention
4. Post information about early detection
5. Sponsor a friend when they are participating in a fundraising event
6. Participate in a fundraising event
7. Fundraise
8. Volunteer
9. Post volunteering positions, maybe one of your friends will be interested if you’re not
10. Buy a daffodil bunch

Here are some helpful links:

Daffodil Month
Cancer Statistics in Canada
The Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR)
Ovarian Cancer Canada
How to do a breast self-exam

yellow daffodils

april is daffodil month


4 thoughts on “April is Daffodil Month – An Opportunity to Really Help Those Fighting Cancer

  1. Great post and great points. I wasn’t aware of the makeup-free selfie posting trend, but it really does sound ridiculous. 😦
    So sorry about your mom. Your cousin sounds like a brave woman. Thanks for sharing these links

    • Thank you. I don’t normally rant on social media, but this time I had to. Some on my friend list took it rather personally, but I hope it at least taught them to not be so quick to jump on the bandwagon, and more importantly taught them a thing or two about cancer.

  2. Well written! There are so many more productive things people could do to raise awareness or funds for cancer! Your list is AWESOME, and your writing is eloquent!

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