Ice Storm Hits Toronto

Last weekend we got hit by a pretty nasty ice storm. I’ve never experienced this, and it is quite beautiful and scary. The streets and roads literally turned to ice rinks, people were skating on the roads! We lost power for 5 days and were staying with family the whole time – thankfully we had family to take us in. Living on the top floor of a highrise building and having to walk a dog 3 times a day (up and down the stairs) would really suck. Not to mention not having heat or water and the temperatures going down to -20c.

Here are some of a pictures I snapped this morning, after the aftermath in my neighbourhood. I hope everyone got their power back and is now keeping warm.


6 thoughts on “Ice Storm Hits Toronto

  1. We were in town for this, it was a beautiful sight. My mother has all sorts of exotic winter plants and berry-laden branches in her garden and I took a lot of pictures as well. It wasn’t easy to capture the scope of some of the fallen trees, you did such an incredible job in that first pic. Glad to hear your power is back and you had somewhere to go!

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