Experimenting with Long Exposure

I have recently finished a photography course, where I learned how to properly use my DSLR. I knew a little bit so I didn’t always use the preset options, but I wanted to know more. I wanted to know all there is to know about it and be able to confidently shoot on full manual.

On our last class we went roaming around the Distillery District in Toronto (always a great place for photographers) so we can practice all we’ve learned. We were lucky that it just so happened to be during the Lowe’s Toronto Christmas Market, so we had plenty of great things to shoot.

I practiced long exposure photography, a recent favorite. Man oh man, the difference a tripod makes. I don’t love having to lug it around, but it is worth it!

10 thoughts on “Experimenting with Long Exposure

  1. Beautiful! I loved photography class, and I’d love to take another! These experiments are awesome! I love the merry-go-round’s ghostly look. The second shot with the lights strung up is amazing! I love the look you got from the long exposure. It’s definitely worth it to lug your tripod around. You never know when you’re gonna need to stand very still!

      • My pleasure, I love them 🙂 I need to invest in a tripod – I just don’t know whether to get a large one which is hard to lug around but stands tall, or a little and light one. What kind have you got?

      • I have a bigger one that stands tall, I forget the brand, but the legs can be collapsed so it fits in a case and isn’t too bad to carry. Gorrilapods are a good alternative if you don’t want a big one, but I’m not sure how stable they are for big SLR cameras, I’ve only used them with a point and shoot.

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