Lamb Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh is a staple in Kashmiri cuisine and is actually of Persian origin. I did not know that. I just assumed (you should never assume anything) it was Indian because I can get it at all of my favorite Indian restaurants.

This is by far one of my favorite lamb dishes and also my first time cooking it. I think I was scared to ruin the dish so I avoided making it myself. Until now. I tried it. And loved it! I think I need to have a little bit more faith in my cooking abilities sometimes.

Here is the recipe I used. It was easy and pretty hard to mess up. I am so glad I tried it because the result was delicious and now I can have Lamb Rogan Josh whenever I want!

6 thoughts on “Lamb Rogan Josh

  1. Living in what has been called ‘the curry capital of the world’ (Bradford), I don’t often cook ‘Indian’ food at home. From your super pictures, this looks worth a try though. By the way, though the restaurants are usually referred to as ‘Indian’ here the majority are Pakistani, but the best are, in my opinion, truly Indian – even if the origins of some of the dishes are elsewhere. And strangely enough, though I’m far from being a vegetarian, I’d say the best of these doesn’t serve meat dishes. But as my favourite meat is lamb …

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