Toronto in the Winter

This is a follow up to the Toronto in the Fall post I wrote months ago. I personally hate winter, the bitter cold, those -27 degree days, the slush, the horrible driving conditions etc. etc…..

Bad even I can’t deny winter can produce some beautiful scenes, and I think finding beauty in terrible things helps cope a little.


5 thoughts on “Toronto in the Winter

  1. totally agree. I’m not a huge fan of the winter except for winter activities (snowboarding, showshoeing etc.) I’m especially not a fan of 2-4 a days show shoveling duties. but after that shovel session, stick my shovel on top of the mound thats almost as tall as me, sniff a few times as it seems the mucus in my nose is dying to get out to see the storm. Adjust my gloves and hat before heading back indoors and just look out into the wave of white that has taken over. Beautiful

  2. Haha, better find the beauty in winter if you live in Toronto–or north of you where I live. Check out my pics of the snow one or two posts back and you will be glad to be where you are!

    Your photos are beautful.

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