David Adjey’s Interactive Cooking Class

This was my first cooking class. All I know comes from trial and error, my mom’s teachings and friend recommendations and suggestions.  This cooking class was in the St Lawrence Market Kitchen, downtown Toronto, which was voted as the number 1 market in the world by National Geographic – but I’m not bragging. Taught by chef David Adjey from the Food Network.

It was a blast! My girlfriend J. and I had a great time and I would recommend this class to anyone, even those that can’t/don’t cook. Chef David was funny and tried to include every single person in the class – very interactive! He also didn’t mind me wondering around snapping photos the whole time.

Not to mention the dishes we cooked were absolutely-totally-most-incredibly delicious!

Check out what else Chef David has to offer at St Lawrence Market.

{Click on any of the photos to view the large version}

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6 thoughts on “David Adjey’s Interactive Cooking Class

  1. I enjoyed every minute of this class. The food was great. I learned so many refreshing ways of cooking with weird combinations. He also noted that he makes different dishes so attending again we would “create a new story”……

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