Milagro – Mexican Cuisine

Let me start by saying this: if you go to Milagro, get the Trufa De Chocolate for dessert! You must! It is baked fresh, so you have to let the server know you want it and it takes about 20 minutes. It is worth the wait. If only my pictures could have smell, because the warm chocolate and spicy cinnamon sauce smells were heavenly.

Overall, the food was great, fresh and flavourful. The guacamole was amazing. Fresh corn tortillas for the tacos were delicious. And the service was super friendly and welcoming. My girlfriend I. and I haven’t seen each other in months, they let us occupy a table for about 3 and a half hours even though the restaurant was busy.

We went on a Thursday, which happens to be Sangria Thursdays, so sangrias are only $4.95. Bonus!

Here’s what we ordered:

ceviche de pescado

trio botanero

tacos zarandeados – octopus, snapper, achiote, pinapple-habanero salsa

tacos rosarito – shrimp, refritos, crema, aguacate, salsa rosarito

Trufa De Chocolate Maya – Get it!!

Location: Downtown Toronto – 783 Queen St. West

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