vegetable penini

Bakehouse Bread & Cookie Company

On our way back to Canada, somewhere in Ohio, after a week of eating fried pretty much everything we decided to look for healthier food sources. So we turned to the trusty Along I75 book (If you’re planning on making this drive, Toronto to Florida, get this book, it has absolutely everything you need to know! CAA members get a discount too!) to check out what kind of restaurants are near our next stop.

This is how we found the Bakehouse Bread and Cookie Company. Fresh bread? I’m sold. So we stopped there for lunch and were so happy we did. Everything was so fresh and delicious. Even though we planned on eating a healthy meal we couldn’t resist a pastry. The cinnamon bun was by far the best we’ve ever had! And of course I didn’t leave without buying some fresh sourdough bread.

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