escargot in garlic butter

Castaways Restaurant – Off the beaten path

While in Florida we wanted to try alligator, neither of us has tried it before so we thought Florida would be a perfect place to try it. Turns out, not every restaurant has alligator on the menu. We got a recommendation from our horse back ride guide (separate blog post of the ride is in the works) for a little place off the main road that most people don’t know about. We loved that idea, she even called the restaurant to make sure they were open (it was New Year’s day) and that they had gator that day. Now that’s customer service!

The restaurant was called Castaways, was in a little marina right on the water and the view was awesome! It’s right off of highway 40 about 45 minutes west of Daytona Beach. And on the way there’s a big store of garden statues and other miscellaneous items that’s a sight to see.

So we had alligator bites – fried alligator tail pieces. The white meat was really mild flavored but a bit chewy. The dark meat was a little more chewy and tasted very fishy. All in all it was good. And now we can see we tried gator! I guess we felt adventurous because we decided to try escargot for the first time as well. We both really loved it, for something that we both said we wouldn’t try that says a lot. We will both definitely go back to Castaways!

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