Gardens By The Bay: A Nighttime Stroll

This place looks like something from a Dr. Who episode! So very beautiful and out of this world. I love to travel and would love to visit Singapore and see this one day.


Our last visit to Singapore gave James and I the opportunity to take a closer look at another one of Singapore’s iconic masterpieces. Gardens By The Bay was recently crowned World Building of the Year at the prestigious World Architecture Festival 2012 in October. While not exactly a building per se, the attraction houses some of the most amazing pieces of man-made architecture one would ever lay eyes on. Just so you know, the award-winning horticultural Gardens span a massive 101 hectares and houses over 250 thousand rare plants. What’s more, at night, you get an absolutely striking view of the gigantic Marina Bay Sands integrated resort, all lit up and imposing. Truly a magnificent sight. This recent online article published by the Daily Mail (along with some gorgeous pictures) pretty much sums up the spectacular Gardens By The Bay.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because I’m heading back to…

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