Spicy Turkey Burgers with Sriracha Aioli

I will be making this tonight! Anything that calls for cilantro and Sriracha is bound to be a winner! Pictures to follow.


Right around the time that Frank and I got our first apartment together in Atlanta, my gracious mother gifted us with access to her Costco membership. What an amazing (and dangerous) day that was. Why dangerous, you ask? Well, there’s no way to go into Costco without spending at least $100. No matter how much you tell yourself “I only need one item” or “I will not stop for free food samples” or “I’m not even going on that side of the store; I’m only going to the aisle I need”, you will inevitably do just those things and leave with an enormous cart full of things you weren’t planning on buying. It was one of our first trips to Costco together that we stumbled upon what Frank thought was a great steal – four packages of fresh ground turkey for an amazing price. I turned up…

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