calamari and spring rolls

Max’s Restaurant – Filipino cuisine

Our starving stomachs took up to a Filipino restaurant close to work called Max’s Restaurant. we started by having a samples plate of calamari and pork spring rolls. And for our main meal we shared a traditional Filipino stew called Kare-kare.

calamari and spring rolls

Kare-kare is a Phillipine beef stew in peanut sauce with mixed vegetables, oxtail and beef.  It is served with shrimp paste called bagoong which you stir in the stew and eat with rice. This was a first time for me at a Filipino restaurant, we wanted to try something new, and I loved it. The beef was tender and flavorful and I couldn’t stop eating.

Kare-kare beed stew

By the end of it we were stuffed, we really wanted dessert, but couldn’t fit even a single tiny speck of food. I wish we made room for their Halo halo: Filipino sweets, rice crispies and ice cream. Next time for sure!

halo halo Image from:


6 thoughts on “Max’s Restaurant – Filipino cuisine

  1. Hey, I just went to Max’s this past Friday. Got the Kare-Kare, and the boneless bangus (deep fried milkfish). I really enjoyed it. The kare kare was a little under-seasoned at first (or so I thought) until I ate it together with the shrimp paste which worked so well. The saltiness really helped the stew and turned it into a nice balance of sweetness. The fish was really good, deep fried, no heavy breading, still moist inside. Overall a great experience, My first Filipino meal, don’t know how well it compares to other places but I definitely like it and will be going back. Will probably get the fried chicken or chicken/pork adobo next time. Thanks for turning me onto this place!

    • That’s great to hear! Always good to know people like what you recommend. The Kare-Kare definitely needs the shrimp paste and we weren’t adding it at first, the waiter came over and informed us how to eat it properly 😛
      Yes, next time I am definitely trying the fried chicken! So glad you liked it there!

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